My night body floats
into a moonscape. I am
no longer human. I am atom,

a speck of lunar
sand. Yet I remember the silk
of river, scent of yellow

elder. I remember when
I was hard-shelled & pensive
like a slow-footed

terrapin. I remember the insistence
of muscle & how I lugged
my troubles around; they were weighty

as the biggest hams
from Prague or a backpack
stuffed with slabs

of granite. Now reduced
to moon grit, I am an imperceptible
hum. To be tremoring

fleck, to be unshackled
from the burdened gravity
of earth brings

euphoria & I settle
into the featherweight
until I began to roll

back to the blue
planet, picking up mass
& weight. Water

rushes over me along
with deep sea mammals, kelp
& coral.  I backstroke

into my own flesh
as I toss off the twisted
sweat-soaked sheets.