Maggie and The Winding Road

 I went driving yesterday. 
                  like we used to do.
It’s Springtime
                and the trees are budding            
all along these winding roads.            
and I thought of you.              

The rivers and creeks                        
                are full from                        
                the sweet spring rain.              

I had the windows down                        
                   and I drove slow            
because birds were singing                        
           it was music                        
           to my ears.           
I thought of you.              

You’re so far away now                        
            gone from my life                        
            probably forever.            
But I remember our journeys                        
            all across the countryside            
going places you’d never seen            
seeing things you may never                        
             see again.              

You were my daughter            
if only for a moment in time            
and I loved you as my own.             

But the world changes                                    
                         people change            
and life’s not always fair.              

Life’s a lot like                        
                      these country roads            
twisting and turning                        
                      never knowing where            
you will end up.      
                        I stopped somewhere                        
                        along one of those roads                        
                        sat down in the shade                        
                       of this old oak tree            
and thought of you.                          
Tony Sexton