i think i might be using you 
because somethin’ just aint adding up

my best friend and i send each other screenshots
every time a mutual “friend” gets back with her ex 
we sit and laugh and say 
bless her heart 

somehow when it’s you and me 
it’s not so funny 

i love you though
i do 

i used to daydream of what it’d be like 
walking down that aisle 
with you at the end 
looking into your eyes
trusting them not to let me fall 

tears start to trickle down your face 
you mouth three words to me 
that must’ve been the cue for the butterflies
to flap their wings 
hard as they can 
now only thing holdin’ my body upright 
is your smile 

but the thing is 
i can’t tell if it’s real anymore 

physically yes 
you look at me and my whole body quivers 
i feel the pull bringing us closer together 
you move 
i move 
like magnets 

but you know when two magnets attract 
and you gotta fight like hell to rip them apart? 
i think there’s some outside force pulling on us 
i don’t know what it is 
but it’s stronger than anything i’ve ever seen 
and it’s pulling us 
it’s pulling us
it’s pulling me – only me 

and i’m trying to get it to pull you too 
but it won’t work 
you have to stay behind 

i’m confused 
and alone 
by myself but you’re beside me 

can i use you 
if i don’t know that i don’t want you?