The hardest feelings I reflect
Are the tears of a girl.
As my stomach digests grief,
I notice my heart still beats-
What a relief.

To leave love is never fair,
Nor ideally easy,
When breathing constricted air.
I reflect, lament, and rub my eyes
At the longest picture of seeing her cry.

From hate to love, and strong to weak
I hold my tongue in time to speak.
To build a dam where feelings flow,
A crack in the wall will leave me exposed.

It’s true, it’s in the air
Guiltful feelings I’ve never shared.
Now she knows the place i’m in,
The hardest riddle among the wisest men.

Happiness, bliss, and golden piss
Temporary inflections
Of this tangible world of exceptions.
Once again,
In a world of I,
Let’s spread my wings
And learn to fly.