The words were written…

   In fact…

Never submitted.
Because there was a “malfunction.”

Eerily metaphorical generalization of what appears to be a consistent theme…
Appearing functional. Flowing beyond expectations maybe even.

And they all cheer!
 They show up… More than anyone has.
It is authentic… I think. 

Or… do they pity me?

The pages even do.
So, they cave to support the weakness in me,

And just when the settling into believing maybe…
Maybe… Just maybe
It’s enough… I’m enough…


Internal? External motions to blame?

When what appears acceptable, or useful,
Suddenly doesn’t service…

The equivalent is…?

Tell me.

Even the page couldn’t manage. 
Overused. Overworked. Underserved. Illmaintained.

And yet shocked by the ceaseless