You asked me if I’ll miss you

You’re not going to be around anymore!
It’s gonna be
so weird.

You’re so beautiful,
Do you know how beautiful you are?
They don’t make them like you anymore.
You’re so special.
Where’d you get these CALVES,
I can’t believe these are yours.
I realized the other day that
you have a really big ass.
Like at first it’s not that noticeable but
now I can always tell.
Bbbubblebubble Bubblebutt.
You’re pretty thick for a white girl.
Man, every time I see you I just wanna
pinch them cheeks.
Do people just tell you that you’re beautiful?
Do they just come up to you
in the street
and tell you?
You’re just so different from
other girls.
Is there a waiting list by the way?
for when you’re not with…
Cause I’m putting my name down.
I wanna be
on that list.

Man, it’s gonna be so weird!
You not being here.
You gonna miss me?