(none of this may not be true)

You are a God!
You have amazing Power!
You will create a universe!
What will You create?

You start with the simplest imaginable – a point
You get a sense of satisfaction for a job well done but
Nothing happens, nothing can happen so
You create again

A flatness forever both ways and You add time so
A few things can happen but this is boring, these lines and shapes
Maybe You make time flow backwards and sideways as well as forward
Interesting for a little bit, but
You have a word for being frustrated, irritated, disappointed. 

You say it and create again.
A volume of three dimensions  
You add time so things can happen
And You look on your creation
X, Y, Z
t flows only on

And You are pleased
The simplest interesting universe imaginable

That’s where we live  
                                                        (please respond)