I am so sick of cowards
The voluntarily retarded
Living in gated communities
Thinking their maid and their 
gardener love them like family

I’m so sick of being stereotyped
Called horrible names
Sure that I hate that one 
cause they do that with them
And this one ’cause of how they look
Only because of my sex, my age
And the color of my skin

How easy and convenient this cowardice
As the bullies stir the mob
I hear the shallow slogans
Roll my eyes as they call me names
I’m none of those things

So in this sand I’ve drawn a line
I have exactly as much respect for your religion 
as you have for mine
I have exactly as much respect for your opinion
as you have for mine
I’ll show you exactly as much respect 
as I see in your eyes

But that’s probably not true
Because I try to show everyone 
what used to be common decency
But it appears the Club of Mutual Respect
Has a membership of only one