Gee, I wonder who you’ll blame when the bill comes due
Probably me
I haven’t given enough of mine to you yet
To waste  

It’s my fault, I know, that you don’t have enough
I oppress you by merely breathing
This job I stole could have been yours
If only I had paid for you to learn math and science
And bought you a new suit, a phone, and a bus pass
Then called to make sure you got up in time
But I didn’t
Because I’m selfish, bad and stupid  

You know I hate you
You know what I think every minute
It’s obvious you know more about me than I do
That must just be awful  

Hey, look right here – this is a prophecy:

Your children’s children will despise you
For cavalierly pitching their freedom
Into the dumpster
You set afire
With what you stole from them
They would have kicked over your headstone
But it’s been repossessed