(none of this may not be true)
Even if God is only one
I can’t imagine One could keep track of it all
But in the simplest imaginable universe
with stripped down double helix software
I fear we might just be a game
Or a science lab for children
who break into groups and compete

Does the ant group win for most animal biomass?
Does the human group win for most intelligence?
(narrowly beating the elephant and the dolphin)
But only for this cycle

For the 500 million years we can look at fossils
(Everything older has been subsumed)
Every 30 million years 90% of all species are wiped out
And new species are programmed, and wiped out, and programmed
16 times this has happened that we know of

Perhaps we can gain some insight as to the nature of our God
By examining the few who made it through
What species have lasted through the 16 cycles?
The shark
The crocodile
These are the creatures God loves best
Imagine that!
These are the creatures God loves best
                                                           (please respond)