One microburst
   and one newly polished ring.
Two kisses
   two bunches of young carrots.
Three warmest hugs
   three quarts of the sweetest strawberries so far, and these are the last.

Oh, no need for tedium. Skip forward:
   At least a dozen easy talks, untold topics: coffee, busted knee, food volunteers, Hap,
   Portugal, writing, poems, New Zealand, babies, beef shoulder, Morris Book Shop,
   shallot scapes, Hot Water Cornbread radio, cholesterol, tractor wizards, farmer 
   food, Medicare, “Give me another loaf of that damn bread,” golden oyster  
   mushrooms, maiden names, Katerina, yoga, Brandywine Sudduth, “got my own
   inside-out version of ‘Stormy Weather’.”