Her name is Mary Lou Sutton
and she drives a white,
grey with dinge and age,
stuffed to the gills with
teddy bears and dolls
and beanie babies
and carnival prizes.
When she gives you one you take it.
“Remember, boy,” she says
to everyone, boy or girl,
“what goes around comes around
in threes.”
Then she winks and drives off.
Steven Pratt once said no
to a ratty old dog toy
because he was worried it would dirty his suit.
His suit didn’t survive the car accident.
Neither did he.
She gives to those she can save,
those who deserve a little good in their lives,
those who are already several bricks down the road to hell;
“Remember, boy, in threes.”
And you can only hope that the little
teddy bear smile
means you’re one of the good ones.