You were just a little puff of dirt 
When we saved you
From life on the farm
Once we got you all cleaned up
You were a darling sight
Fluffy, black, and white
Protected from all harm 
You were not inbred, like the others –
Your outdoor kissin’ cousins 
No one would guess
You weren’t well-bred
You did a lot of fussin’ 
Your excretions were caught in luxury litter
You had someone to clean up your poo
You made your bed wherever you pleased
Drank from shiny chrome faucets
And got what you desired
With a flick of the tail and a mew 
Beckoned servants to refill your chow
Awakened your owner too early
If I would not get out of my bed
You became hostile and surly 
Matilda, or Tillie for short
You lived up to your
Fancy feline name
You were odd and demanding
Picky and curt
Yet, possessed household fame 
Padded fluffy paws
Toys to play with and gnaw
Snob cat through and through
But what I remember best of all –
Is when you’d let me pet you