Pa said we was gonna have a picnic,
down to the meadow, near Uncle Green’s.
Ma is bringin’ berries that Mary did pick,
and biscuits and bacon and beans. 

Brother says he will catch some fish.
Pa said, “No chance of that.”
I will bring the blanket, glass, and dish,
for girls–bonnets. For boys–a hat.

Pa hitched up the tired grey horse.
We loaded the wagon, climbed inside.
He flicked the reins, he chose his course–
to the valley did we ride.

We neared the creek, the sun at noon–
brother could not wait.
Pa brought up the wagon a bit too soon.
Brother fell, with pole and bait.

I set the blanket, the plates, the glass.
Mary–the forks, knives, and spoons.
Pa stared up as dark clouds did pass.
We all heard the cry of the loons.

Some time later, my brother did return,
carryin’ three small fish and actin’ gay.
Pa said, “I reckon that boy can learn.”
We laughed and et ’til end of day.