I’ll tell you the same way
I told that reporter from CNN –
The rich don’t care if we live or die.
Put that shit on the record.
Matter of fact, if we don’t bitch about it
too awful loud,
I believe they wish we’d just go on
and croak and rot and get out of the way.
And I mean what I say.
And I mean me and mine.
The poor folks.
The ones who can’t look up high enough
to even spot the poverty line
without breaking their necks.
I mean the kids with bellies growling
who know breakfast ain’t coming
on sunshiny summer time mornings
after school lets out.
I mean white trash just like me –

broke ass backwoods human damn beings,
undesirables swept downstream by mud and flood
literally leaving their lives and their limbs
and their hopes and their kin
swirling off to land in a slurry pond somewhere.
You think they’re gonna drag them ponds
for our dignity or our dead?
Ain’t nobody coming to save us
and we damn well know it.