At the urging of the food vendors, the University
intends to begin tearing down the Case Building on June 1.


the English and Theatre Department

needs to be out of the building by the end of May.

I can confirm that they intend to place us in Mattox, and so far
there are no long term plans

for us.

We expressed our concern about the marginal location of the building.

Below is the message that we received when we inquired
about help with our packing.
It seems that Facilities Services is not going too be forthcoming after all,
so it may be prudent for us

to make our own arrangements.

“It would help expedite things and save some money
if everyone packed themselves.

I understand that it was stated that packing would be available
and I’m not going to be the one to recant that statement.

So, yes it is still available but it would be most helpful
if items were boxed and ready to be moved.”

The following programs were identified with the anticipation of possibly
sun-setting some

academic curriculums with low enrollments:

Apparel Design & Merchandising
& Social Intelligence and Leadership & French
& Geography & Comparative Humanities
& Horticulture & Journalism & Philosophy & Religion & Theatre

Sorry, and thanks!


We boxed up our books. Before demolition, we dug up
             wood poppy from the courtyard, living memories
of a gone space. Mattox, new to us but
             merely a repurposed 56-year-old men’s dorm
greeted us in the spirit of Dali.