I’m froze..

packed tightly I suppose,
from foot prints on snow 

some stand idly and then go, others stomp mightily in a woe

I’m trapped by the tyranny they bestow

I become hardened and cold,
snow packed on steel
everything darkened behold,
a box with a tight seal

I’m losing my imagination, I’m losing my self control
rolling in frustration down a mountain so

but Ice, then wind
I’m into meditating again
I grab a branch so thin 
for a frosty burn on my skin

it’s time to rest and put the day away 
the thought of climbings been chased far astray 
I set my limbs to be frozen in place 
and drift away into an altered space

a dreamier winter in December to embrace

feeling a sense of calm, as the sky bombs purple onto snow
looking out the window to a circle with a glow,
a horizon I look at often so
where will it take me? where will I go?
all the tall pines only know the signs a dying sun shows 
all lonely and low I comply and let go
I follow the snow that glows on a future spring meadow