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Lexington Poetry Month

Mercury in Pisces/ (Poets, Psychics, and People Pleasers)


You had 15 ways last week to mix
messages and manipulate
and I haven’t counted mine,
but I probably did too.

Today I might know what you’re thinking
or what you’d expected to say.
I don’t need more intuition,
but give me time and tarot cards
and I might have my way.

Tomorrow words might chase me,
claw at me line after line,
snap their teeth, break the neck of a title,
gnash rhythms so loud I
can not place my own pulse.

Another week, a year, a decade from now,
I’ll remember. Recite a mercurial blessing:
LexPoMo. Listen. Look. Compose.

3 responses to “Mercury in Pisces/ (Poets, Psychics, and People Pleasers)”

  1. “break the neck of a title” – yes. Love that image.

  2. Shaun Turner says:

    Loved this! Especially that last section

  3. Jerielle says:

    Nice! Words chasing you… that totally happens.

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