We got the ’66 Galaxie Skyliner for the trip to Mexico
New on the Ford lot, a demo
Festooned in chrome
Dark red with the hippadrome top
Rubber black bullett bumper titties
White and red buckets, shifter on the consul
Thumb button reverse, rearview mirror down on the dash
Five thousand pounds loaded, 28 gallons of gas
120 easy on the skinny whitewalls, we tried it
Me and Yolanda
Lexington to the Tennessee line
3AM on a hot Sunday in August
200 miles in one and one half hours
Top down, buckets up tight 
Head down, grin made your jaw hurt
Took it down the Baha
Wrecked it in La Paz
Our bottle went down the pool drain, crushed and
Fouled the pump in Rosarito
Pulled on Tonto Publico in Playa Bolandra
Indecent exposure out back the Porto Maria Publix
Wrestled an aligator in a golf course pond
Propositioned a police officer
Who knew she was undisguised
Speeding in a Bently on Carretera Dixie
Yo’s run in with the XX film crew at Playa La Placeda
They should have treasured the footage
Flew Pan Am home on the run