years melting off: puddles for dragonfly
eggs: omelette and peach sliced with goat
cheese: sitting under over burdened walnut
tree by the slaughterhouse while parents make
transactions: money for meat: time for
death: living for waiting: finding greasy five dollar
tip in between teeth: gum disease blooming local rose
garden: at the point suffering is
unavoidable: pinprick eternal reminder of
thorn: cleaning soft cheese off blade of
knife: motor control in young
child: flare of anticipation 
nonetheless: it’s 10PM do you know where your children
are: night bath in purple cowboy
hat: cow means ugly: pig means ugly: chicken means
scared: lamb means glorification of
sacrifice: but don’t roll over and doe
eye: scratch your own belly if you have
to: wash in your own years if you have
to: with your mouth open they can take your 
teeth: only dragons have
fire: you only have
storybooks: learn as fast as you
can: clean your knives before juice makes them too