We had both and often together—

the herd of dairy and the bee hives.

All fed from the same fields of clover and alfalfa,

and, in different seasons, the pear trees

and the corn stalks.  Never anything

so magical and soothing as hot cornbread 

or hot biscuits dipped in a plate of fresh butter and honey 

swirled together.  We need to feed the creatures 

that drive all life on earth.  



“—we are at war with what comes most naturally to us”  from rupi kaur’s  milk and honey p193, loaned to me by grandaughter. 

“But we also need the teeny creatures that drive all life on earth.”  http://www.npr.org/sections/krulwich/2012/11/29/166156242/cornstalks-everywhere-but-nothing-else-not-even-a-bee