I dream of fair resources,
Of a fair chance for all,
Where the biggest issues humanity faces
Are not created by humans at the top.
Where there are no billionaires
Smothering the other 99% of us
With greed, money, and zeal.

I dream of green hills rolling,
Of wind, air, and water power fueling us,
Where we prosper

With the government’s best interest being in
Not their vain agendas that
Poison Native, Black, and Latino neighborhoods,
Continue to lock up Black youth,
Strip the innocent of power, resources, and wealth,
Wealth they lost being enslaved for centuries,
All their power the strong stole by being vicious monsters,
Resources they take to this day from lands never their own.

I dream of justice.
I dream of a day where I can stand

And not witness someone being blatantly misgenderes,
Someone being denied their best life
Because they aren’t all if not
Mostly a
Straight sized
U.S. citizen.

I dream so hard of freedom,
Of not accepting bigots’ excuses for oppression any longer.
I dream of tomorrow being so beautifully filled to the brim

With opportunity for all,
Yet I know
This is a dream because
This country
This world
It’s a nightmare.