Have you ever seen a picture so beautiful
you cried,
only because you knew
nobody else in the world
could appreciate it same as you?

Or heard a song so intimately moving
in its genius composition
and truth to the human experience
that becomes little more than an idle hum
for how few you can share the melody with?

Have you ever written a poem so personal
your tears mixed with the ink,
together until it all dried,
where no reader could possibly comprehend
the immense level of soul you bare to the world?

All around us are these kinds of beauties
begging to be experienced and shared
but somewhere along the way
our eyes and our ears
lost their abilities to see and hear.

These beauties are the beloved pets curled beside you
because they just know that something is wrong.
They are the rainbows that remind you of promises
and hopes you try so hard to ignore.
They are the words of a true friend cutting straight to your heart.

But I guess, what I’m really trying to say is,
you and I have been wanting the very same things out of life
and we cry ourselves to sleep without them,
when all they are waiting for is a moment of recognition
of the endless beauty that has always flowed between us.