when you feel the urge to be generous in your 9 to 5
even as those above you push productivity as the highest virtue

when it occurs to you
        to send a hand-written note to a colleague
                   for no particular reason other than you thought of them
        to attend the lecture for a friend whose work is unrelated to yours
        to take a meal to coworker who is pregnant and deserves a night off from cooking
        to publicly praise the intellectual efforts of a co-worker

do the thing
submit to the nudge

resist the pressure from those above you
        to engage only in things that can be counted
        to pursue a path of upward mobility
        to monetize and manipulate and monitor
        to be made into their likeness

what would like look like if the ultimate purpose of work became that of
        helping us all to become more human
        connecting and building up
                    rather than dividing and conquering
        fostering our truest selves