We traveled out the country road

Of a crisp summer night

You took me to the place you called home

To sit in comfortable silence with your mom


You led me, hand in hand to a casual front lawn goodbye —friends —our favorite line


But that night, the moon drenched our young skin, taut and electrified—

We stepped from the small town life

Into the big screen


Taking my hand as I walked away

You pulled me in — rescued me from another night of what ifs and why nots


You, transformed by the moon, were brave—

The leading actor


The kiss — blockbuster, emotion-lighting—

Made the hot summer night blush,

S H I V E R  —-down my spine 

Your hand up my neck and through my hair


I was the girl everyone wanted to be —

Loved, passionately

Soul mate meets best friend meets passion


And then we opened our eyes

Stunned, speechless

Abruptly separated— goodnight


You were my first love-



Long lost Friend


I look up and wait for that same moon

To return 

To drench me with its magical dew

To kiss away the heartache of


Missing you.