Take your hands off that scar. 

     Hands off that scar. 
I know it’s new and it itches – you want to see the healing
But hands off that scar. 
So sad, you came to me. 
You thought your heart would break. 
We watched the crack form
You thought you would snap in half
     But you didn’t.
You held still, watching that rivulet fill with gold, 
     Brashly running through scary places 
Your scar has made you more precious. 
     Can you see?
                                                                                                      the mist
                                                                               and burns away 
                                                           each morning
                                             that rises
                             as the sun
        are as constant
And I am as constant as the moon that says
     You don’t have to shine for everyone all the time.
Let me reflect your own light back to you 
So you can see. 
Keep your hands close to me.
And off that scar.