You could say that my mind was squandered
I can’t help but to push back these
Awful memories that hold a pocket knife in my direction
That threaten my wellbeing by unraveling
“None of them wished me happy Mother’s Day,” she said
This isn’t a surprise to me
Being your daughter
I vow to never let her speak another word to me
To never let her eyes look at me
To never hear her voice
To never let her hands hug me
Or wrap around my neck
Or push me against the refrigerator
As I struggle to breathe
I’m sure it wasn’t like this
But I swear I was pale yellow for days and my lips were dark blue
My eyes were bloodshot and my legs were useful but they felt broken
Scars on my back dig deeper than you’ll ever know
More than fireproof
I vow to never let her mess with my mind again
Dark days and nights
In isolation, in a hole
The torture that replays in my mind
What she did to all three of her girls was vile
I dreamed I was buried alive by him “What did you do?” she said
Her fragile physique doesn’t fool me in the slightest
Her “oh shucks” demeanor doesn’t make me budge
A narcissist eats pity for breakfast
And feeds off of its server for eternity
But i’m the type that will spit in your food
And pretend like i’ve never seen you before
“Is she your mother?”
No I don’t have any parents