beneath drifting
clouds, I shutter my lids
and simply breathe.  I levitate,
off the floor, weightless.  My fingers
begin to feel fuzzy as the ambiguous border
between Earth and outer space. My toes float
into the void, and my body succumbs to blissful 
darkness until I am only my breath, pulsating like sun’s
steady heartbeat.  I relish the simplicity of breath, my troubles
and to-dos heliocentric to my chest’s rise and fall.  Oblivion pierced
by a single light.  Serenity.  Sensation seeps into my limbs as I list
back to Earth’s atmosphere, to tumult and toil, my existence
once again bracketed by sky and solid ground,
but gravity is forgiving now, and if I leap
high enough, I can
almost stroke