you made flowers in yourself
to watch me grow.
you watered me
and directed me into sunlight. 

you set me on a pedestal
regarding an endless amount of care. 
you sacrificed you’re everything
to ensure id bloom. 

you planted me into a garden
drenched in admiration
until I blossomed
into a different version of you. 

you picked the flower
and put it in a vase
that rested in the crevices
of your ribcage. 

you set me free
under the supervision of your love. 
you harnessed me to make sure
id never fall. 

flowers are fragile
but nothing is as delicate
as your mind. 

you sealed the delicacy
in concreted cement
to make sure i would strive,
even at the expense of your sanity. 

you taught me how to flourish,
and its only thanks to you.
that i breathe content
of your care and grace.