Some are born mothers, some achieve motherhood, and some have motherhood thrust upon them. -William Shakespeare (pretty much)


In the car, her bag waits. They wheel her to the exit 
and pitch her in. A miracle! She can walk
once she passes through the hospital’s liability doors.
Her fragility is over. She’s a mother now. 

In the car she tries to get comfortable,
having recently been pulled wide open in one way
or another, it is quite a task, but she manages.
She checks to see that everything she needs is

in the car. There is her overnight bag
and the bag with the camera, the bag with 
the mesh underpants. They forgot to include the
instruction book but the discharge papers read


1 (one) small (small) bag of diapers
1 (one) safety-approved car seat
1 (one) pink, white, and blue blanket
1 (one) new (like, really new (super new)) baby

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