Thunder splits open day
lightning seeps neon
into cracks.
Woman moves forward
leaning into sideways
slashing rain.
Ruffled by wind kimono
blends purple velvet
with cherry silk.
Parasol rises over head
like a crimson
From underneath kimono
crinkled ruby flashes
glitters with rain.
Bare-headed servant rushes behind   
his rough feet slick
with diamonds.  

Rain poet keeps moving
from parched town
to parched town
bringing with her
a deluge
that floods fields
sends villagers scurrying
from darkened sky
pings hollowly in buckets
turns beetle out of his home
endears earthworm to his
loamy mansion
propels buds skyward  

opens the mouth of May.              

~inspired by Ogata Gekko’s piece “Rain Poetess,” 1887