You remind me of a Cage the Elephant song


With your dry wit and boyish orneriness


Back when your blonde hair curled past your temples


And your blue eyes glistened every time I’d make you laugh


The way you would stay awake at night to watch me sleep


Lying, stating it’s because you couldn’t find rest


But I knew you watched me with such tenderness you were afraid to honor


When occasionally you would brush my hair away from my eyes


Gentle fingertips grazing past my ears


How every time I pressed my face into your flannel


You smelt warm like cedar mingled with some fancy cologne


But when your clothes were off you smelt like the rain


Sinewy muscles dotted with freckles and moles I’d trace when I’d kiss you


The tip of your nose always touching mine and how this always made you smile


Your thin lips were always moist and longing against mine, but you also seemed lonely


You had this almost feral heat and desire when you were with me, but it was always mixed with something gentle


I still can’t guess what that to be