I was in the second grade.
It was a weekend.
I walked across a vacant field
that stood between our house
and the house where
Mr. and Mrs. Rochelle lived.
They were older than my grandparents.
Maybe they were retired
but I never saw them not working.
Sometimes they included me in their work.
They were my friends.

On that day I could see Mr. Rochelle
in the apple orchard behind his house.
I kept my unwavering eyes on him
the whole time I walked across the field 
dragging and lifting my feet
through the tall grasses.

Once there,
I looked up and called out his name
He was near the top of
his very tall ladder
standing like a God
with his head lost in a cloud of leaves.

He heard me call and glanced my way
Upon seeing me he tugged down the already wilted bandana
from around his neck, which slid off easily
and fast mopped his face from brow to chin
before smiling broadly to greet me.

We were both overcome with joy
So happy to see one another
Caught in a glow greater than the sun