They’re both clearly kicking writtens.
Muhammad regards Jesus as an O.G.,
but knows that he can beat him
deep down. He just has to prove it
now that the omnipotent d.j. dropped
the timeless beat. Muhammad starts right
off relentlessly going for Jesus’s family
jewels, with utter disregard for the shrinkage
factor. Muhammad follows that by rhyming about
how he split the moon only after he moonwalked
on water, how he turned water into Everclear,
and how the real holy spirit ate
Jesus’s cake at The Last Supper.
Removing his crown of thorns
out of shame or respect,
Jesus looks finished in the throes
of thrown tomatoes, but quickly cuts
down his clouded mind’s will
to let the crucifix cross
it again. With just a couple swift verbal
jabs in the form of Hail Marys,
Jesus has gotten the crowd back
showing their approval with oohh,
and wooo noises while he rhymes
about how Muhammad bit
his style, how real he’ll always
keep it, and about not getting
the socialist principles stitched
to his skull twisted.
Every time Jesus disses him,
Muhammad flashes his sword,
but Jesus just won’t stop spitting
those blue flames
because he was born
to die, and has come back
from such defeats. Jesus says
he only wanted to cipher up,
even though everyone knows he’s more
than aware of the sky’s need
for battlers. He and Muhammad take
turns looking up to the firmament
then down to earth
so no one can see
the blood in their eyes.
Their tongues share the same
crutches: bringing up their Daddy
issues and how much they get lifted
because of it. But when they flow
like Styx, who could doubt
that they’re both killin’ it?
Who won, who
lost, that all depends
on who
you want
to believe.