While staring out my window

On my still, suburban street

I saw a hawk a rabbit catch

And rabbit he did eat.


The fur he shook from off himself,

And turned to see me there

I made no move but flew he still

Away into the air.


What world is this, I said aloud

No justice will be found

Until the hawk an eagle meets

Who shakes him all around.


No malice meant, I understood,

The feathers and the fur

Would meet again, Solomon knows,

The world is as it were.

As I gazed down at the roadway,
Quite unsettled in my skin,

The fur no longer fur it seemed –

I had to know right then.

And so I, in a nightgown clad,

Slipped out into the street

To settle once, for all, the question

What did that hawk eat?

No fur I saw but feathers, yes

The rabbit still lives on

But the kinsman of the hawk, I fear,

(A pigeon) now is gone.


No lesson, though, no moral

Have I come here to provide

Just the strong perhaps I always hold:

It’s best to stay inside.