I’m not anti- social
I’m a Cistercian monk
So I’m a-social
But you say: “Don’t you like sex?”

Ah well; that
It is an order with a vow of chastity
But maybe just for a fling
I’d step out of it if you’d stand still for it

Then the woman with the furrowed brow says:
“You’re my only cause for anxiety”
But I don’t do guilt either
The monestary starved it out of me

“What makes you go be a hermit?”
To speak with full faith and varacity
It’s so I can go quiet and be alone with joy
Says: :You are an annoyance.”

So I come back for a bit of social
A fling, a bottle of wine, some audacity
But the timing is wrong
I’m alone in the yard, 10 AM

Now I hear from somewhere far away
“You’re fooling yourself with mendacity.”
Now. I’m a fool but a flexible fool
Amenable, bendable, charitable
Won’t bite you won’t fite you
Just love you, stand by you, help you
Play with you, stay with you
Pull you into my cliff dweller cave
As far as you will let me
And hope you’ll be my Cisterian monkee