My daughter lives way far away
Tho says by plane, it’s not
She wants me to ‘come on down’
And says it’s really hot

She tells me that when I come
I can go and see
A real true live volcano
Spewing up at me

       And when you look
       Down it’s top
       You can see
       Melting rock

What if it gets hiccups?
Oh mom, you’re in such luck
Before you take a trip up there
‘they’ teach you how to duck

What if it erupts? I say
Well mom, no cares anyway…

What else down there would interest me? (pause)

Well we have these cockroaches
About the size of drums
And if you’re really lucky
My cats will catch you one

Then you scream and run away
It’s how we exercise
Gets the adrenalin pumping
And really trims your thighs

What else down there would interest me? (pause)

The food down here is really good
If you like beans and rice
You can have it all the time
It’s very. very nice

But what if I get tired of it
The same thing every day?
Oh mom, just think about it
all the money you will save!

And don’t forget a passport
I’ll need one of those?
Yes you do, but don’t forget
You won’t need many clothes

Well, there’s a reason I’d come down
Cause you’re such a pearl
And I do love and miss you so
My Nicaraguan Girl!