The long promised generation,
waiting in the wings, 
with their glassback roofline 
and map pocket, is shimmering 
a rainbow metallic,
such an unusual palette. 
A mere thimbleful, never.
Their fascia embedded with grief, 
or loneliness, joy or startle, 
enthusiasm or convex sauciness
cannot silence the guns, or the 
voices of the unheard, for they are 

(C) Edelweiss Meadows-Millstone

Dear Poets, One and All, 
Thank you for an extraordinary experience of poetry, words, phrases, ideas, community and growth. I was blessed to be here with you. I wish this could be a bi-annual practice, at the very least. This was so fun and enlightening! Thank you to all of you!  Have a great holiday, and rest of the year!  
Poetry Feeds,