she just turned twenty one, we met when she was eighteen her brain was a sponge
now that she’s as old as i was i feel guilty, years after i already trapped her with me
   she has dust in her fan; beads of my sweat fall on her forehead
she got so drunk she has a concussion from falling off of the bed

my hands get stuck running through her hair
it’s long now
  healthier now but i get tangled in knots like i always did
her hair is so thick she breaks all of her claw clips

i can’t wait to share a bottle with her tomorrow
i love her sometimes
  i love her in the summer i’m so shallow
i wanna take her out to eat; i wanna eat [her] out

my girlfriend can never get rid of me even if i leave i took the songs in my pockets
her room is messy my life is messy and i don’t tell her about it