has a dog who won’t stop barking.
A boss who listens closely. Makeup
tutorials like “10 Looks for Zoom Calls.”

A lady buys my washing machine.
She pays me twice. She types so bad
I think she might be a bot. She shows

up unannounced and tells me Covid
is just like the flu. Refuses to wear a mask.
When I say I have immune issues, she says, “Me too.”

She wants a refund. On the phone with the bank
for 40 minutes. Did I mention the dog. Did I
mention she’s a Trumpist. Did I mention

she says cutting her a check for the refund
is fine and then it’s not and she wants cash.
My husband is a thundercloud today.

I’m dynamite. I’m on fire. I’m in a think tank
all week, meetings 8 hours a day. All this whining
and I haven’t mentioned, tonight, we’ve got guests coming.

I promised not to stress clean. I lied.