An eye for an eye a tooth
for a tooth til everybody’s
walkin round toothless
and blind we’ll get there
soon enough on our own
and there are much
better deals to be made.

Hundreds of hours spent 
sittin in the dentist’s chair
suckin down tankfuls
of  pleasurable insight
complementin my soul’s
other supplements
fillings crowns root canals 
sometimes extractions some
people giggle some people
sleep but there’s a Sweet Spot
just this side of Full Stop
where you can get off
and walk around
in between the seconds
 liftin up the veil to see
how things really are
where the music’s deflated
and you learn how to listen 
to Talking Heads in braille.

The Universe is Consciousness
in all its many forms always
makin deals with Itself when
Odin traded one of his eyes
for Wisdom he thought it was
 a pretty good deal all I’m sayin
is it’s amazin what a few crumbs
of calcium can get ya.