I collect you like a newcomer
Some small items fill my pockets

Artistic disarray spreads across my desk
I ponder your origins

I sense you carry ancient memories
I faint from my fascination with you

At night the sky is punched with holes
I see you shining from the other side

I listen to you in my sleep
dictating which path to take

I seek signs of you through the day
and sing at the sight of you

I speak to you from my window
and share my paintings with you

You send more light on summer days
I thank you by getting more lost in you

We walk away together when I can
from dawn to dusk to dawn again

I float through you like a moving cloud
hanging on the wisp of a breeze

In that moment’s errand I suspend
all knowing and surrender to discovery

I dare not leave for fear of never returning
to this whole melting from wonder