Give us our rights
Or we’ll take them by force
We’ll shove the drugs down your throat
We’ll stay in caves until the roaches burn and we’ll continue burning every sacred thing you hold dear
Like your ego and your fear
We will kill everything inside of man that forced us to forget
We will kill and never regret
We will harness the strength that you only see when we bleed
But it is you this time who will suffer
For the crime
It is you this time who will be understood
As the reason why the world is missing its good.
It is you that will end up running a river of tears
It is you that will end up being buried and forgotten and rotten
It is you
Who is nothing
It is you as man
You came from nothing and nothing you will return
You lit the world on fire
Just to see it burn
But don’t you remember?
Women are made from bone
Adam was used as a tool
We were created to build life
The men were created to try to tame it
Look how that turned out for them
The world is in ruins because they tried to keep the wild things in cages
They used fire, they used barbs
But if you remember it is the men
Who will suffer
When the women go in hiding
It is the men who will know no life
It is the men who will suffer
It is the men who will burn, burn, burn
From all the fire they fed.