Swinging hammers

clanging crowbars
popping nails
splitting wood
Bend at the knees
grip weathered boards
carry overhead
walk the long path to discard debris curbside
Dismantling this eyesore piece by piece
feels tedious
seems impossible
is exhausting in the blazing summer heat
until I sit beneath the oak tree’s shadow and observe:
A skeletal frame remains 
healthier than anticipated
the old surface deceived us all
(appearances will do that)

Heavy hauling is complete

look on at what was undone
dream of tomorrow’s build:
Buzzing saws
fresh cut wood
cedar scented air
shiny fasteners
brand new board– secure
brand new board– secure
brand new board– secure
on repeat for hours
Stopping at nothing to manifest this vision
requires time
prefers planning
hides unanticipated frustrations
summons patience 
conjurs visions of what could be