-‘Hwuhmp’- wuhhrrrrrrrr-chucheuh-chucheuh-wuhhhrrrrrrr-chucheuh-chucheuh-
As the bails of alfalfa
Come forth  – chucheuh –  
Half a foot by half a leg – they jolt
On the steel ramp-as thin as a cardboard box-
With a razors edge 
Swinging and jittering
With every turn and dimple the tires leave behind

We surf on the wagon -behind the bailer-
Behind the ten year old dust covered green John Deer tractor
Like fisherman in their canoe
We ride along the currents of hay through a manicured field
– fall like sliding furniture
Onto the wagon-or into our grasp-sometimes right back on the ground
We’ve gotta keep hearing that sound
So we can be done with this field
We’ve gotta stay focused
Move quick
With fortitude and grace 
Gently ‘SLAM’ push and ‘THUD’ the bails in their place
On this wagon-our Kentucky cargo ship-
We’ve gotta keep hearing that sound
Til the field is cleared of its fingerprint ridges
I don’t know about the other guy, but
I’m gonna keep hearing that sound in my sleep