Who knew me running all over Manhattan
streets, subways, lyfts in November’s freezing

winds would be (maybe) the last time I will
ever visit the city that never sleeps.  I feel

I dreamt this.  Cocktails at the top of the rock
overlooking Atlas holding the heavens.  A

private tour of Christies including behind
the scenes how they handle their antique

ceramics.  My friends, shoppers, go to
Chinatown and I am on my own to go to

Macys decorated highly for Christmas.
Herald Square, Broadway and 34th.

I am dreaming even then I feel I am dreaming
but I am not.

I could not walk without bumping into another
someone who was looking up as I was.

Naive.  Unguarded.  Should we have known?

I take a video from the plane over the Hudson,
watch the skyline as we ascend

until the fog and clouds shut down my view.