The lead actress later testified to the court that she had been worried she had used the artificial tears for one performance too many. By the time the light hit her face that final night in June, they had dried up and she was panicked.

Act I included a fight scene and a love song. Act II was where they met the obstacle and everything went wrong. They didn’t make it to Act III.
A storm had come thrashing and smashing pianos with sweet melodies traveling out to the watching audience. They gasped as the wind blew the stage out to sea.
The insurance company filed a subpoena for the building engineer’s planned schema and argued they were the ones to blame. Eighteen injured and four dead.
The children came forward to read their letters and spoke of how they’d wished for better. Their payments had been an insult for their hours of pain and suffering.
A tall man in a suit took the stand to represent the brand and they asked if someone had talked to the weatherman that day. Jury member #8 was noted to be visibly distressed in a meme that ran for weeks.
But no one asked before the judgment came down why production had not been shut down when the same thing happened everywhere they went.