And what you don’t know

Is your favorite song plays everyday at my work

The bartender and I sing it to each other,

But only I know what it means

I remember the night you showed it to me,

I bought it on vinyl

And I wanted to hear it so bad that I listened to it without you

And when you finally came over

You were upset I listened without you

(I would be too)

So you laid on my bed and I laid on the floor and we just listened.

I always wondered if you thought of us like that song

That we weren’t in love and we were just reckless and bored

But it was just the opposite for me,

And every time it comes on

Everything just stops

And you flood into my thoughts.

I guess the mystery I’m workin on,

Without any clues,

Is if you love me like this song or

If I was just another black-haired beauty