carefully curated words dive

                              from the page
 float from clever lips,
and settle with earnest on an acquiescent body
they stir in a makeshift meadow made of sheets 
dotted with daisies– perennial, of course–
both blessed to discover a desiderating mouth 
can blaze a sacred pilgrimage towards the other’s irresistible cadence
keeping one another in view and resist taunting thoughts of unworthiness
ripped from shadows of self-doubt
one implores the other to accept this invitation to open their palms
free the other’s wrists (temporarily) with pressed lips
to let hands explore bodies of land
cultivated from stardust and ancient lineage–
so that they can better taste desire on sea-dipped skin
defying the ocean’s distance with synchronized movement–
its waves will break with envy
the nacreous clouds glide past celestial wonder above them;
they become glistening diamonds on the water’s surface,
succumbing to novalunosis in observing shooting stars,
gazing upon galaxies that undulate 
between hues of blue and cenote gold 

until darkness falls–

protecting them like offerings at Dodona;
their adoration oscillating in the rustling of the steady oak’s leaves