can that be said of a poem as well
on a day when too many demands and all those things that could go wrong
go wrong  do you sit down and write the poem that speaks  about anger  frustration 
tears  welling up behind eyelids  throat clenched  holding back the SO DONE 

oh wow!
I just rememebered!  I am alive! 

These simple  silly  ‘first world’ problems   no problem at all!

rescope the lens through which your gaze has narrowed   pan out and see the picture that is so broad  so rich  so much more right and real  at the end of the day 
100% of every life ends 
oh wow!  I grin  I giggle  I slap myself on the back with the tomfoolery of it all

write the poem about revelation 
speak of things that can change in a heartbeat
get on with living in this body 
in this space called home
on this planet that offers up its bounty to the likes of us

with so much grit and tenacity
all of a sudden  feel the weights drop 
let fingers trip over keyboard
I get to  we get to  you get to  so there
a poem about good news
when all there was just a moment ago